Chickpea flour, olive oil, salt and pepper.  Here are the ingredients of this preparation…
Have you recognized them? These are the same as the ingredients for Socca Chips®!

It has been nearly 2 years since the team responded to the project of offering to consumers a quality product, all in one, unique, original and tasty. 

Socca in a pan, in 2 min? It’s now possible ! 

For this project, the Chef chose to work with an « Esat »: establishment reserved for people with disabilities and aiming at their integration or social and professional reintegration.

The « classic » SoccApero® version was launched in December 2018 in the Alpes Maritimes and progressed nationally.
The Organic version arrived in March 2019.

How to use SoccApéro ?

The tips of the Chef

For those who like to vary pleasures, I suggest decorating your patties.
You can simply add, during cooking, a little rosemary, dried garlic or any other flavor that could seduce you.

SoccApero® can also be a dish in its own right by filling your patties with sausages, raw vegetables or cheeses.

Accompanied by a salad this will be a complete balanced homemade dish! Finally, for convivial evenings, think of making several patties with a blini pan… CRAZY !